I married my sweetheart, Tim, in 2006. We’ve pulled through the roller coaster that is life, and still work on us. We both thrive on funny sitcoms, movies, and board games. Marriage is hard, but we grow together. He’s my love, my partner, my friend, my confidant.


I started writing stories as a child and began my first novel in grade nine. I’ve been writing ever since. My current book series is The Mer Archives and there’s more than fifteen projects and novel series on the back burner. Safe to say, I’m in this writing thing for the long haul.


I am a proud working mom to two adorable, smart kids. Everett is six and Kaia is three. They help me learn, and show me more every day what unconditional love is. Guiding them through life is hard and tiring, but oh so rewarding. I love them both so dearly.

Lasera – Book One of The Mer Archives is now available! Get the YA urban fantasy about a teenage girl who starts to drown but is saved by a merman who is trapped in the pool. Check out why it has already sold more than 400 copies!

“What I liked the most is the way emotions come alive in the book. It feels very real and endearing.”
The Page-Hungry Book Worm
“I’ve ordered three already to share with my young friends”
~ Rose LeMay
How long did it take you to read it?
“Like two days.”
~ Brianna Armstrong

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**For those looking to purchase the book in Canada with Amazon.ca – I am currently looking at a more local distributor to reduce shipping costs. I will keep you informed.

There’s always room for a story that
can transport people to another place.
~ J.K. Rowling
Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery.
~ Jane Austen

Where’s My Writing At?

Writing Mer Archives Short Story 1 - Forgive Me My Fins
Writing Mantera - Book 2 of The Mer Archives
Plotting The Mer Archives Series