Classroom Lectures / Interactive Lesson

There are a variety of different lessons plans and presentations (mostly geared toward fiction writing) available for students from grade six through to twelve. In addition, Danielle can also present an inspirational speech for assemblies about persevering and the importance of life-long learning (including students below grade six). One week notice is preferable for classroom visits, but depending on the day of the week as little as two days’ notice may work. Assemblies need a minimum of three weeks’ notice, with a month being preferable.

Topics for classes are below. It is most effective to limit topics to two or three per classroom visit. If possible, it might also be a good idea to present topics available to students and see what they are most interested in learning about by consensus. A writing exercise geared to their skill level can also be included. There will also be a designated time for a Q&A period.

Topics (Grades 6-9) *Students can also choose from the more advanced topics if preferred.

– Characterization
– Believable Villains
– Generating Ideas
– Plot Basics
– Building a Story Out
– Mechanics of Magic
– World Building
– Hard Work & Not Giving Up
– Harnessing Your Imagination

Topics (Grades 10-12) *any of the topics above can also be done

– Incorporating Sub-plots
– Combatting Negative Criticism
– Why Grammar Matters
– 8 Point Plot Arc
– Using Real World Experiences
– Plot Boarding a series
– Outlining vs pantsing
– Building societies
– Pushing through blocks

To book and for more information or questions please use the contact page with the subject ‘Lesson Request’.