I’m obsessive about books and writing, but I’m finding more and more how much I like to try new recipes and then tweak them. I usually google whatever I’d like to make, but many times I use Allrecipes.com as well. This page is constantly under construction so check back often. (I’m also slowly typing all the recipes I have stock piled)

What I’m cooking this week:
**Check back in later. I’m busy selling/writing books and doing NaNoWriMo or building my publishing empire right now 😀
Check out a whole bunch of my favourite recipes below.

I’d really like to start videotaping some of favourite recipes and how I do them.
Hopefully coming soon!
Keep your eye out and I’ll keep you posted 😀






Breakfast (Coming Soon)

Lunch (Coming Soon)



Techniques & Condiments


If you’d like, browse by Recipe Title below as well.


Beef Barley Soup (Coming Soon)

Chocolate Cranberry Bars (Coming Soon)

Creamy Bow Tie Pasta Salad (Coming Soon)

Devilled Eggs

Lemon Custard in Meringue Cups (Coming Soon)

Pink Cool Whip Jello Salad (Coming Soon)

Shepherd’s Pie (Coming Soon)

Spiced Sweet Potatoes & Apples (Coming Soon)

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Casserole (Coming Soon)

Tomato Basil Salsa (Coming Soon)

Venison Roast Slow Cooker (Coming Soon)

Zucchini Patties Fried (Coming Soon)