My favourite literary character = Anne

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Day 5 Author Blog Challenge

This one’s all about literary characters, which one’s my favourite and with which one can I most relate?

My favourite character was hard to narrow down but I think it’s got to be Anne Shirley. I’m so similar to her in so many ways (see here). Although I didn’t get into nearly as many scrapes as she did. We’ve both gotten into trouble for our love of reading. Lost in our own little worlds at many a time, using our imagination to fuel life and vitality into what we know. We both set great store by our dreams. Losing ourselves in the excitement and anticipation. Surely Anne (with an e) Shirley is someone we all can admire for her courage, her creativity, her zeal for life, and for her stubbornness too, because just like the rest of us she grew all the more when her dreams stubbled upon her flaws.

Meg from the A Wrinkle in Time series is someone I can truly relate to. Many times she’s awkward and someone who wants to learn and loves books. As much as I had friends in my childhood, I was still the perpetual new kid and many times had to work through the hard task of new schools and new people. I felt bonded by the awkwardness we shared when I first read this book in grade 6. Meg seemed so many times unsure of what to say, or she had no idea how she was going to manage what was asked of her. I know that I felt like this many times, but her determination and love for her family was something I could also relate to.

Books are what give my imagination it’s power, but it’s the characters who touch my heart and give me the drive and the strength to let my mind take me to new places.