Peacock Flock Book Review #15 – Gears of Wonderland

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So we’re two days late, but not a dollar short. Here’s Book Review #15. 😀

Peacock Flock Book Review #15

Gears of Wonderland
Author: Jason G. Anderson

Length: ~ 216 pages

Genre: Fantasy Steampunk

Heat level: Clean 

Stars: 4 Stupendous Purple Stars 


We were quite impressed with this from the beginning. We thought the cover was well done and doesn’t look generic, which is great. We were also very happy with how quickly the action started. We were shocked by how the story got going but that drew us right in. We also “loved” how put off we were by James’ fiancé. We wanted to reach into the book and smack her, plus we wanted to yell at James for putting up with such crap. But when you can react like that to the characters it’s a good story. Reading this book made us realize that having just watched the movies of Alice in Wonderland isn’t enough, we disliked not understanding some of the references but that’s our fault, not the author’s. The alternate Wonderland created was intriguing. It was easy for us to detest the dictatorial reign of the Knave of Hearts. Plus it was creepy (but great) to read how he was brainwashing the children in the Palace to do what he wanted. The characters where all developed and although we knew the end pretty early on it was still a great read. The only slight deterrence was how little romance there was, although the author gave us fair warning in his request for review, and therefore he got the points for giving us a heads up. Instead of being annoyed at the lack of romance we just knew we wanted more. At the end of the novel the characters were still traipsing across our brains and we found ourselves thinking about the world created – the sign of a great book.

That’s it from the flock!