The Strange Workings and Writings of a Mind that Skips Too Far Ahead of Itself

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“Wow. I tell you what— wow!” I just read over a document I’d labelled as ‘Science Project Novel’. Looking at the info on my computer I typed it up almost two years ago. Apparently my brain jumped faster than my fingers could type because it makes no sense at all. If you’re a writer of any sort you’ll understand that sometimes as you’re typing you think everything will come back to you when you read it again. This time it definitely didn’t. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. So enjoy the convulsions of my mind and see what you can discern.


magazine worked for a while….. sending things away but she didn’t know what she was doing and once she saw the title she freaked out and once she told people it stopped working as well.
in front of a whole bunch of people her sister disappeared (shoe lace pulled one way after levitating
 no one wants to believe their eyes
she reads a couple things to say off the magazine but then realizes….
We’re all just a science project!!
Magazine —– Literary science alliance
—-step through the magazine is one way……..
many different instructions……. 
Community centre w/cafeteria and pool
everyone thinks she’s crazy in her class and no one believes her…. her sister gets sucked in to the other world and she has to rescue her
pull a shoe lace this way at this spot and you’ll get sucked in
she had to go to an info (?) counter and hand in a form for a blood test…. lady at the counter hear her complaining and tells her that she passes on this test to them but that she can do it if she want……..”they get this paper? and just this? so i can send them a message? send my sister a message?”
 she has to open a portal above the cafe conveyor belt using the key from inside the detergent by the dish washing machine in the caf …. then hold her paper above it paper disappears in a white light opening that closes and shuts

So pretty crazy hard to understand. Hope it made you laugh. And that you caught a glimpse of the crazy inner workings of an author’s mind.