Keeping the High from a Writer’s Conference

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I had the most amazing opportunity to go to the SAOW Word on the Lake Festival this past weekend. It inspired me, taught me, relaxed me and allowed me to find so many new friends and connections. I’d told some of the people I met at the conference and my family and friends that I plan on attending a type … Read More

A Writer’s House

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Although I admit that there are many other voracious readers out there whose houses are overflowing with books just like mine is, I’m sure every writer out there can relate to my current dilemma. Books are overtaking my house. I love it, but it is a bit of an organizational nightmare. In fact, the last time we moved when my … Read More

When Your Writing Gets a Burst

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So the posts I’d planned on writing this week didn’t happen because I was getting ready for the Kamloops Writer’s Fair. Worth every single penny and definitely planning on making this an annual thing for me! There was an open mike night, blue pencil interviews and I went to two amazing workshops that were exactly what I needed for my … Read More

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging Program

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And I’m back (yet again) and oh so happy to be here! I’m consistenly going into long periods of not posting, which I’m totally not liking and I wish it wasn’t happening, but yeah, life happens. One Fantabulous H2O bottle It seems like I’m dealing with some postpartum depression again, — see How I Deal With Postpartum Depression — Which … Read More

Blasts From The Past

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We all know that blogs we like have great content but sometimes there are quite a few hidden gems in the archives. So starting now, today and then the first Saturday of every month I’m going to be posting some ‘Blasts From the Past’ and link and post some older posts I’ve written. Enjoy! So today’s all about honing our … Read More

Get A Designer and Brand Yourself

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Readers want niche blogs. No one wants to read about every topic under the sun with no particular slant or theme. It’d be like slogging through a ball bit of all green balls to find the only purple one. No not this kind of brand 😛 Both bloggers and authors need to establish themselves as a brand. A brand can … Read More

Update: Moving Stinks and My Computer's Down

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So a rather short post today as I’m typing this on my cellphone because the power cord on my laptop is toast. Bah humbug. Which also means my writing has come to a standstill. And in case any of you lovely readers haven’t noticed I didn’t make my April deadline for my book which is why the blog’s been dead … Read More

Submission Follow-up

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So much to my regret I did not meet my goal and was unable to submit my manuscript to Harper Voyager for Oct 14th. I was short about 5000 words. Plus it didn’t help that I became ill in the last few days before the deadline. Needless to say I am disappointed, but I did get a significant amount of … Read More

Blog’s on Hold till After Oct 14

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So as of right now I won’t be writing any reviews or posting until after Oct 14, 2012. I’m writing and editing at an insane pace because I want my manuscript to be as polished as possible before I send it to Harper Voyager on Oct 14th. For more details see here: Writing and Editing Like Mad. Harper Voyager Taking … Read More