Keeping the High from a Writer’s Conference

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I had the most amazing opportunity to go to the SAOW Word on the Lake Festival this past weekend. It inspired me, taught me, relaxed me and allowed me to find so many new friends and connections. I’d told some of the people I met at the conference and my family and friends that I plan on attending a type … Read More

Gotta Hit this Deadline — Plus a Blog Makeover

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So over the course of the 4+ years of writing my novel I’d say I’ve made about 10 different deadlines for myself. I’ve only met three of them. As you can imagine this is pretty frustrating, so I’m determined to make the one I’ve now set. Until that happens I’ve gotta leave off the blog for a bit. (all reviews … Read More

Submission Follow-up

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So much to my regret I did not meet my goal and was unable to submit my manuscript to Harper Voyager for Oct 14th. I was short about 5000 words. Plus it didn’t help that I became ill in the last few days before the deadline. Needless to say I am disappointed, but I did get a significant amount of … Read More

Blog’s on Hold till After Oct 14

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So as of right now I won’t be writing any reviews or posting until after Oct 14, 2012. I’m writing and editing at an insane pace because I want my manuscript to be as polished as possible before I send it to Harper Voyager on Oct 14th. For more details see here: Writing and Editing Like Mad. Harper Voyager Taking … Read More