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A page dedicated to all the fun places I like to visit online and further my selective nerd habit. 😀

See my post: I’m a Selective Nerd. And Proud of It

In no particular order…

Sailor Moon

Who doesn’t love a crime fighting teenager who isn’t perfect because she’s such a cry baby? Me! 😀 Plus the romance of Serena and Darien is just plain awesome. Some of my favourite sites are here:

Sailor Moon Uncensored
Moon Princess
Sailor Soldiers

Power Rangers

Teenagers morphing into kick butt Power Rangers? Yes please! Who knows? Maybe y’all will read a story from me one day about the Purple Power Ranger kicking around in my head. 😀 Some of my favourite sites are here:

Official Power Rangers Website
Ranger Central
The Morphin Grid

Star Wars

When I watched these movies it was my first real delve into adult fantasy/science-fiction and I couldn’t get enough! Plus the Han Solo – Princess Leia romance is one of my favourites. I also love reading tons of books in the extended Star Wars universe. Some of my favourite sites are here:

Star Wars Book List

Lord of the Rings
I actually saw the movie the Fellowship of the Ring before I read the books and wow was I hooked! I saw Fellowship in the theatre 11 times. Needless to say it’s still an all time favourite escape world for me. I’ve read the whole series 5+ times including the appendices. Some of my favourite sites are here:

The One
The Lord of the
Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site

Harry Potter

Some of my most cherished memories with my family are all of us reading books out loud together. We read all the way up to Book 6 in the Harry Potter series together as a family. Albeit there were times when my parents would discover one of us kids reading ahead in the bathroom, or even on occasion, much to our chagrin, one of us kids would discover that one (or both) of our parents had read ahead. 😛 I truly truly love these books and I’m a big fan of the movies too. Some of my favourite sites are here:

Star Trek

I still really enjoy any and all Voyager episodes. I also enjoy watching the Original Series. And yes although some might consider it an affront I loved the new Star Trek movies with Chris Pine! With everything Star Trek I love the humour, I love the characters, I love the world that’s been built. 😀 Some of my favourite sites are here:

Star Trek
Trek Today
Starbase 75


Loved the new Spiderman. I still go back and watch the X-Men movies lots. Smallville is a favourite tv show. Yeah I’m a superhero junkie. Maybe it’s just something about all those tights? 😛 Some of my favourite sites are here:

Kryptonsite (Smallville)
SuperheroHype – X-men
Superman Homepage

Books, Books, Books
Of course who can forget that unending source of life for my imagination? I’m constantly on the search for a great new book! Plus I’ve kept every library card I ever had. Gotta support our local libraries. (See Lovely Lovable Libraries) 😀 Some of my favourite sites are here:

Good Reads
FVRL (my local library)