I Finally, FINALLY Made My Deadline

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So yesterday I posted something that I’d originally typed and intended to publish in January. Why did it not go up until then? I started working on my novel revising and polishing and once I got in the grove I couldn’t stop 😀

The sum of not posting for two months? MY NOVEL IS FINISHED AND POLISHED! I’ve got to send out the final stuff to my beta readers, but I’m sending out queries and ecstatic to have things actually happening. And knowing that this is going to be my year. Whether I get a good publishing deal or not, I now know enough and I’m confident enough that if I don’t get any interest from publishers or agents I’ll go ahead and publish this novel myself.

And although this blog languished on the back burner essentially, I’m very glad it did. Now come April, after I’ve sent off my queries, I’m going to refocus back on this blog and make all the adjustments and tweaks I’ve imagined for it.

Thanks, dear readers, for sticking with me. This blog and everything wifey, authory and mothery will come back online and on schedule soon!

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p.s. There have been some amazing novel review requests that have come in, and I promise I haven’t overlooked any of them. I can’t wait to read a ton of these so keep them coming! 😀