Peacock Flock Book Review #14 – Justice Deck of Lies #1

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Peacock Flock Book Review #14
Author: Jade Varden
Length: ~ 327 pages (Kindle Edition)
Genre: YA suspense
Heat level: Clean
Stars:  3.5 Somewhere Between Stars 
First book in the Deck of Lies series.
This book was a 4-4.5 until we got to the end. We read it very quickly and quite liked the characters. They were all well written and well developed. We liked that even characters who barely made appearances (but were talked about quite a lot) had flaws and weren’t perfect but felt relatable. We also saw some good foreshadowing. And who doesn’t like picking up on the hints? The problem was that there wasn’t a real solution at the end of the book. It is part of a series but we really prefer books that still have some sort of resolution. There was also a very climatic event that got us very excited and we hurriedly read on, only to find that the scene we were so anticipating wasn’t there. The main character, Rain, had just found out something huge, and it was a great shocker. And written very well with a surprise in one sentence that wasn’t expected. But then the story line jumped over when Rain had her reaction to this information. It happened “off-screen” per-se and this made it feel disjointed and we really wanted to read this part. Other than those two things we enjoyed and liked it a lot. Definitely want to read the second. 😀
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