Peacock Flock Book Review #2 – Black Sheep

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Peacock Flock Book Review #2
Black Sheep
Author: Georgette Heyer
Length: ~ 232 pages
Genre: Historical Romance 
Heat level: Clean
Stars: 5 Fantabulous Purple Stars 

Book Summary:

With her high-spirited intelligence and good looks, Abigail Wendover was a most sought-after young woman. But of all her high-placed suitors, there was none Abigail could love.

Miles Calverleigh had no regard for the polite conventions of Regency society. His cynicism, his morals, his manners appalled Abigail. Yet she was irresistibly drawn to his knowing smile. But how could she persuade her wealthy, respectable family to accept this unconventional, unsuitable man?


If anyone out there loves Georgette Heyer this is one of her best! Miss Abigail Wendover is the main character and we absolutely love her! She’s feisty and in her very first meeting with the main ‘man’ Miles Calverleigh trips over her verbal feet but brings all her cleverness and humour to bear. But a case of mistaken identity makes that first meeting not go at all as planned and the result is extremely entertaining. Abby’s niece Fanny is besotted by Miles’ nephew Stacy, and Abby is desperately trying to enlist his help to deter them from marrying. We love Miles as a character! He is strange, funny and completely unlike any of Georgette’s other leading men! He made his money in trade – which is unusual enough in an of itself, but he also doesn’t care much about what other people think and is the subject of so much talk, that we couldn’t help but laugh. After an entire book of hilarious brashness, we fell in love with him, along with Abby, when he took the time to comment on her and his concern for her! A great plot that pulled us along and characters so much their very own, Black Sheep had it all. As we borrowed the copy of Black Sheep that we read we will definitely be buying a copy!

** This is not the original review I was going to do this week, to read about the other book and why I didn’t review it click here

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