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** I promise I’ll get better at getting these reviews out on time… my son’s been waking up lots (hmm future blog post?) Anyways… Here it is! Finally!

Peacock Flock Book Review #3
Author: Aviva Bel’Harold
Length: ~ 531 pages
Genre: Science Fiction 
Heat level: Clean
Stars:  3 Enjoyable Purple Stars 

Book Summary:

The year is 2047.
Things have changed, with hover cars and touch contracts. Yet, many things remain the same.
Tia is just one teen trying to be normal, but with enhanced eyesight and an uncanny ability to know the future, Tia is not your average 17-year-old.
Neither is Teig.
Genetically altered to look 17, he is being sent from one school to the next in search of the perfect recruits for the company that changed him.
Discovering Tia creates a dilemma for Teig…
Either he will report her to the company; and she will be destroyed, 
Or he doesn’t, and could be.

What should he choose?
And what of Tia’s premonitions?
Even if she can see her future can she change it?

This book could have easily had more stars. We LOVED the characters and the very intense world that was created. Set in 2047 Tia and Teig, the two main characters, live in our future society where you must have a contract to touch members of the opposite sex. As crazy as that sounds it makes for some very interesting play which we really liked. This book was different and unique in that every few chapters you changed point of view from either Tia’s head to Teig’s. You also went back through the same scene (with more and other smaller bits added) from the new perspective. Ie. We read one scene of them driving in the car from Tia’s point of view and thoughts and then the next chapter was from Tieg’s point of view for the same scene and then continued on. This made it a lot easier to get to know and enjoy these characters. The world created and the characters were excellent. 
What this book needed? More of a plot (story) arc and to be more concise. It took a lot of words to get to the end, and it felt like there was a lot of intermediary things that didn’t exactly need to be in there. The entire book felt like rising action, it needed a bigger climax (don’t get us wrong the rising action was good it just need to go beyond that). We really were caught off guard by the ending. The plot just simply ended. There was no resolution, no feel like this was how things ended up. We will definitely read the second one (we know there are more planned) but it felt like this book should’ve ended differently and we felt gypped as readers. All in all a good read, wanted more though from this book on its own though.

That’s it from the flock!