Peacock Flock Review #20 – Falling For Your Madness

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Falling For Your Madness 

Author: Katharine Grubb
Length: ~ 250 pages
Genre: Romance
Heat level: Clean  
Stars: 3.5 Somewhere Between Stars 
Book Summary:
Eccentric literature professor David approaches Laura for a counter-cultural, rule-filled relationship filled with poetry, flowers and bottom-less cups of tea. He makes it very clear to her that they are just friends. If she wants to be more — if she wants to be sweethearts — then she is the only one that can move them forward. Laura is smitten by his humor, his charm, and his English accent (which turns out to be fake). In his company, she has never felt more beautiful or ladylike. David tells Laura that the reason he has these rules is because he is bound by the laws of chivalry, both body and soul. Then Laura finds out the real reason, one that’s ancient, filled with legend and magic. Yet Laura has complete control of this madman. Should she release him or tell him she wants more? Is he eccentric or just mad? Falling For Your Madness is not just a romantic comedy, but it also asks the question, who has the most power in a relationship? The lady? Or the gentleman?
We thought this was a good cozy up book. We enjoyed laughing at the eccentricities of David and the antics and situations that he and Laura would find themselves in. David’s almost too stilted way of saying everything but at the same time being extremely unsure of himself was great to read. We enjoyed the romance. We really liked the premise of how over the top chivalrous David was, great contrast to a lot of men who are not like that today. A couple little things bothered us. David’s abrupt change at one point in his physical desires seemed odd, most especially that Laura’s protests alone wouldn’t pull him out of it. It felt strange that it was only when someone else had entered the room that David realized what he was doing. We also wanted to feel more from Laura. We liked her and enjoyed her character, so much so that we wanted to know her better. We wanted to read about more of her reactions and feelings in her internal monologue. We heard and saw a lot of her feelings and reactions through dialogue and scenes, which was wonderful, but we also wanted to see how David’s appearance in her life affected her day to day. But we weren’t given much information on what her life was like before him. All in all a great cozy little romance that we enjoyed. It could’ve used a larger dash of suspense/intrigue but we enjoyed it just the same. We would’ve loved an epilogue giving us just a hint of their married life and future children. 😀
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