Teeth, teeth, teeth.

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So early last week was SO bad. My son had five molars coming in all at once. He slept only a few minutes off and on until four am. Needless to say I was completely unable to drive my school bus the next morning. It would’ve been more than dangerous to drive a bus load of kids on two hours of sleep.

My poor boy was in so much pain. I know a lot of mothers have experienced the same thing, although my son seems to get lots of teeth all at once. Making the days that they do come in horrendous. I’m glad my husband didn’t have to work that night. My little boy didn’t want to do anything but sit on my lap all day, sleep (very occasionally) and not eat. It was a very rough three days.

Anyone else have interesting cutting teeth stories?

On the up side my son has learned to brush his teeth on his own and it’s incredibly cute! 😀



Apparently my kids love to have their teeth come in all at once. Last month when I had planned to do a ton of stuff on the blog my 1 year old girl got 8 teeth in over the course of 3 weeks. So practically nothing got done on my blog. What does this mean? It means as a mother you have to be flexible. Give yourself extra time because surer than sure when you’re late is when your little one will have a poopy diaper as you’re putting on her coat to go out the door. Teething is definitely painful and it’s more than a little difficult to watch kids go through it. But I treasure these times when I can be a comfort to them, despite the fact that it’s frustrating and hard, because they are my kids and I am their mom.