When A Pregnancy/Sickness Kicks Your Trash

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So my blog has again fallen into a dark abyss of 0 posts for way too long. But hopefully I can it pull it back up again. It was a bit of a wake up call today when I noticed that the listing for this blog on a book reviewer ‘yellow page’ type site now says my blog is “no longer updating”. Eeep! Well we’re gonna have to change that. I’ve been having some better days healthwise in the last little bit, hopefully it’ll keep going so that I can get ahead in my posts and have some leeway if I don’t feel up to the task. 

Now there are a lot of people out there who have to deal with health problems all the time. Some have chronic pain and some have side illness while trying to get better. (I’ve seen and heard about people dealing with the harshness of chemo.) I can’t even begin to fathom at the pain and horror some people go through every day. All I know is what has affected me and my life and my ability to function. I’d hoped and thought everything was going well enough for me to begin posting again at the end of October. 
Then in November things took a turn. Nov 8 I had a major headache, I took it easy over the next few days and had to leave work early twice. Over the next 3 weeks, the headache went from major to unbearable. I had to stop work. I was laid out on the couch all day, every day. Tylenol did nothing. It got to the point where I couldn’t read or watch tv, my head hurt so bad. A couple days in a row all my son and I had to eat was yogurt and bread with butter until my husband got home and made us some dinner. That’s when we went to my doctor and then from there to emergency.  
Everyone kept asking if I got migraines before. I had to keep correcting them. Migraine, singular. Because it had never gone away, it just kept getting worse. After seeing a neurologist and being admitted to the hospital because even morphine was hardly touching the pain, it was a hard few days for me, my husband and my son. After an MRI they told me that they still wanted to check it against a previous MRI from 3 years ago, but that it was a migraine that could go on for weeks and there was no way to know when it would stop, I had to go home. I was both happy that it wasn’t something serious but also frustrated because with it being a migraine there’s pretty much nothing I can do, as migraine medication isn’t okay during pregnancy. 
So I’ve been resting up and taking it easy for the last while. I seem to have better days when I try not to do too much and not be up and about a huge amount. Thankfully I have some amazing friends and family and a wonderful support system that not only helped with dinners but also with my son. It is utterly humbling and makes you so grateful to be the recipient of so much help, concern and prayers.
There were times when I really didn’t want to be pregnant as it simple made everything worse, and yet I’m looking forward to meeting the new little life that will be here soon. As hard as this last month has been, things are slowly getting better and it helps that I’m at home now and can rest when I need to.
I know that there are many others out there like me, dealing with the lack of health you need to go on. As much as things like pregnancy or illness can kick your butt, hopefully you have a good support system. I would be lost without mine. Know that others feel for you. I’m hoping I can just keep on keeping on. 
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**For all of those who submitted review requests, I’m in the process of sorting through all of them now. (The health problems threw me really behind) Thanks for the understanding and the patience.