Gonna Take 2017 By Storm!

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2016 was a great year, a lot of good stuff happened.

Some not so great stuff happened too, but I’m back at my keyboard.

I have achievable goals, and a support system around me.

This year I am gonna kick some butt!

Am I fundamentally different than I was yesterday? No.

But I have, and am putting the tools in place, to not only take care of me and be there for my family, but to reach out and be a light to others who may need a flicker in their darkness.

I’m going to be doing a year of challenges to tackle my health. I made a meal plan for all of January. I’m gonna take some Epsom salt baths to relax and recharge at least two times a week, maybe more. I’m reading a new book – The Chemist, by Stephenie
Meyer – and I’m going to do book reviews again every week. I have plans for how I’m going to write and stay
connected to those things that I love.

I’m working on me so that I can be there for my kids, my husband, my family, and my friends when they need me. Maybe there’s a stranger out there who could a smile when they see me, and because I’m taken care of, others are on my radar.
And I will see.

My house isn’t as clean or as organized as I would like.
My fitness isn’t where I would like.
I’m not as understanding as I would like.
I’m not as patient with my kids as I would like.
I don’t study my scriptures as often or as deeply as I would like.
I don’t serve others as often as I would like.

But I am me, and that is good. And that is enough.
For now.
Because to change, is to grow.

And I am ready for this new year, and for change. 2017? I’m gonna take you by storm!