Jersey Shore and George Clooney

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So Thursday I was having a terrible horrible no good very bad day (Alexander is awesome). Later that night though I came across two things on my facebook that totally cheered me up and gave me great laughs! 😀 The first thing that totally made my day was when Serendipity Literary Agency shared this photo on their Facebook page: So … Read More

The Unfathomable Awesomeness of Star Wars

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So I had to have been about 11 years old when it happened. When I first heard those two awesome words, “Star Wars”. A friend of my father’s happened to mention it while my sisters and I were around. We asked my Dad what Star Wars was and his friend couldn’t believe we’d never seen the movies. So my Dad … Read More

Driving a Bus

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I apologize for the extra long hiatus but I’m back now! 😀 I’ll be posting at least every Tuesday, maybe a little bit more. I’m now officially driving a school bus, hence the extra long hiatus as I got used to my new routine and everything else I had to manage. My husband started post-secondary the same day I picked … Read More

Short Hiatus

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So I started training as a school bus driver today which was pretty interesting. But as training will be about 9 hours each day Mon through Friday for the next two weeks at least, I’m going to take a short hiatus from my blogs. I’ll be back up again on Aug 27th the new deadline for sending out queries. Hopefully in the … Read More

Lovely Lovable Libraries

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Libraries are one of those wonderful places that I have amazing memories of, both from my childhood and as an adult. Summer reading programs and finding a new book you’ve never read before. Getting a new library card to put in your tiny purse at the age of ten. I hope we all have memories like that. There’s a lot … Read More


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A big thank you goes out to my friend Josh! He helped me adjust the website so everything is easier to find and the title of my blog looks just the way I want it to. It took a significant amount of time, therefore this a huge thank you for helping me out with that Josh. 😀 Doesn’t the site … Read More

Why Hermione is Amazing!

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Just having gone to see HP7 part 2 at midnight last night my brain’s on a bit of a Harry Potter kick. Love, love, loved the movie by the way. Everyone should see it! – Mischief Managed- 😀 But today I happened upon a really great article about the huge benefits of having a character like Hermione Granger out there … Read More