Why Hermione is Amazing!

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Just having gone to see HP7 part 2 at midnight last night my brain’s on a bit of a Harry Potter kick. Love, love, loved the movie by the way. Everyone should see it! – Mischief Managed- 😀 But today I happened upon a really great article about the huge benefits of having a character like Hermione Granger out there as a female role model.


She makes it cool to be smart – as her smarts saved lives many, many times. She also worked hard to be so, she read tons of books, studied, and asked questions. Hermione was never demure and spoke up when she had something to say. The last few lines of the article really say it all for me, if I ever have a daughter (crossing my fingers) UPDATE Jan 2013: I did! 😀 See: My New Joy
I really hope she’ll see how great it is to be female and that we can kick butt and be good at whatever we set our minds too.

Yeah I love this 😀