When good writing gets in the way of your writing…

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Gah. Gah. Gah. Gah.

So I had an enlightening conversation with my mother the other day. She said that if she had a really busy week she’d have to make a point of not visiting the library so that she could actually get stuff done. I think for me personally I’m going to have to go one step farther and hide my library card.

I’m in the editing stage of my manuscript right now. A difficult and slow going process. Maybe that’s why I’m reading so much. (I recently reread Shannon Hale’s fabulous Goose girl series — check out her awesome site/blog here: Shannon — and I finished the entire Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. — here’s his great site: Brandon.) Much to my husbands dismay this meant that very little else has been done.

Sadly all this reading cuts into my writing time. But I can’t seem to get my nose out of the book in order to get my fingers to the keyboard. Do any of my other writer friends have a hard time with this? Or even just anyone in general. I know a lot of you moms out there have a hard time putting those books down. Any tips or tricks on how to do so?

So I guess I’ll have to keep out of the library for the next little while if I want to make the deadline for my book. Sigh….. but there’s so many great books out there!

As much as the reading takes away time from other good important things, here’s to books that are written well enough and engaging enough to make me forget about all those other things I should be doing!