Review Update: Don’t Waste My Time or Yours

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After all the illnesses and blog hiatuses and chunks of time eaten up by my pregnancy, I finally tackled catching up on my book review requests. It has taken me a huge amount of time to catch up. Wow. 100+ emails. I really need to stay on top of this stuff more. Thankfully I am now back at the forefront … Read More

5 Tips on Author Etiquette for Approaching Book Bloggers

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Updated: Dec, 2016 There doesn’t seem to be as many post about author etiquette for approaching book bloggers. Here’s a couple: A Writer’s Guide to Book Blogger Etiquette What Bloggers Hate the Most & How Authors Should Approach Bloggers So I decided to write one and give my top five ways to up your chances in the ‘getting your novel reviewed’ … Read More

What You Read Will Always Affect Your Writing

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Day 4 Author Blog Challenge. How does what I read affect what I write? What do I consistently pick up and what do I leave on the shelf? How would my writing change if I read other genres? Books have been in my hand since I was a small child. Some of my earliest memories are listening to my parents … Read More