Authors That Are Easily Rereadable for 5+ Times and Writers? Get Yourself Some Writer Friends

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Day 3 Author Blog Challenge.

Prompt for today? Writers I admire and writers who are mentors to me. That’s a toughie. And I mean a huge toughie. Picking writers I admire is liking picking out the best chocolate in a box full of godiva chocolates. How to gauge it then?

I guess I have to go with books I reread. Not just a second time around. Probably more like 5+ times.
In no particular order they are:
– Any and all Jane Austen
– Any and all Georgette Heyer
– Any and all Shannon Hale
– Any and all Stephenie Meyer
     **The Host being my favourite
(see a pattern yet with the any and all? :P)
– Any and all Terry Brooks
– Any and all Anne McCaffrey
– Any and all J. R. R. Tolkien
– Any and all Christopher Paolini
– Any and all Gail Carson Levine
     **My family and I wore off the title of our paperback Ella Enchanted and that first copy is now preserved in a binder as we’ve had to buy three more copies since then.
– Any and all Madeleine L’Engle

And finally last, but certainly not least I must mention the books I go to all the time. When I want funny I read scenes with Fred and George, or Dumbledore. When I want bravery I read scenes where Harry stands up for what he believes in. When I want to read about great, although certainly flawed female characters I settle in with Hermione or Ginny. How can I not mention?
My true and best inspiration: J. K. Rowling.
Harry you’re not just awesome, you’re downright life-altering.

As for writers who mentor me — it’s hard to define as I feel like my writing career is still in its infancy. Meeting Susan Forest and joining IFWA in Calgary was a defining moment in my career. Meeting some well established authors and rubbing elbows with them was amazing. The tidbits and snippets of things I’ve learned are invaluable. I’ll be attending their sponsored When Words Collide in August and I’m counting down the days to it. I’ve also had some amazing times with the writers in the IAG in Kamloops. — See the links on the sidebar >>
Reaching out to writers online has also been such a breath of fresh air, both for my creativity and my motivation to write. Writers need other writer friends. And all of mine bring vitality and humanity to my writing.