And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging Program

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And I’m back (yet again) and oh so happy to be here! I’m consistenly going into long periods of not posting, which I’m totally not liking and I wish it wasn’t happening, but yeah, life happens.

One Fantabulous H2O bottle

It seems like I’m dealing with some postpartum depression again, — see How I Deal With Postpartum Depression — Which is really hard. What didn’t help was getting a cold twice as bad as when this one hit me. I was totally out for the count for almost two weeks. SO not fun. But thankfully I am in the process of getting the help and support I need and so I’m slowly finding my way back to my old self. FYI if you are dealing with depression DRINK WATER! It so helps, and for me the best way is a Contigo Water bottle. (I love the auto seal) – the large easy open spout makes it simple to drink lots at a time. Drink three of these bottles a day and you’ve met the general quota for most people — eight 8oz glasses. My family owns six of these bottles we love them so much!

Writing is my escape (most of the time, sometime it’s work) but I’m excited to start working on my novel again, to type out some short stories and to just enjoy the time I spend blogging. Oh and by the way you are now reading the words of the new Blogmaster for the Kamloops IAG or Interior Authors Group. So expect to see some changes on that blog soon. I’m really looking forward to it and I’m excited to be a part of the Board and all that it entails. Our next meeting is on Nov 7th and it’s all about Formatting Your Book for Self-publishing and Conversion for E-book Publication. We meet at 6:30pm in the Tricia Sellmer Studio in the Kamloops Art Gallery — which is located at the corner of Victoria Street and 5th Ave in downtown Kamloops.

As for my personal blogs I will continue to post book reviews staring next week and will be emailing prospective authors for reviews in the next couple of days. First post back up will be this Friday and the Lasera blog will have an awesome post on Monday called Don’t Have Stupid Characters. 😀 (UPDATE: view that post here)
Also sometime in November there’ll be some more info going up about a great little project I’m working on. Stay tuned to find out!

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