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Readers want niche blogs. No one wants to read about every topic under the sun with no particular slant or theme. It’d be like slogging through a ball bit of all green balls to find the only purple one.

No not this kind of brand 😛

Both bloggers and authors need to establish themselves as a brand. A brand can also be a name. In essence you establish your content whether its a blog or in your novels so that readers know what to expect when they read what you write. Jodi Picoult, Agatha Christie, Stephen King. When readers pick
up these authors’ books they know what to expect. This is one reason why many authors use a pen name for when they write in a different genre from their usual.

For me, even before I hit publish on my first post for this blog, I knew I wanted a brand of some sort for it. And it took a while but I finally decided on Danielle. Wife. Author. Mother. And I’m really happy with it. Because in a few short words anyone can see what this blog is all about. Which is exactly what a brand should be. If you can’t tell at a glance what a brand is, then that company/blog/author isn’t marketing properly.

I’ve loved being able to establish my brand and really enjoyed learning along the way. For the blog makeover tomorrow I’m going to be going even further as I now have a logo to go with my blog and brand.

My superstar designer Gary Jensen created everything for me and I’m super happy with all of it. Feel free to check out his website here:

As time’s gone on I’ve realized what takes me hours and hours is much shorter and easier work for those who know what they’re doing and are trained to do so. So hire someone! If you’re on a budget try asking local first year university design students. I’m sure they’d be happy to expand their portfolio. So make sure you check back tomorrow and see all the changes that are gonna be happening! 😀

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