Mommyhood Moments

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There are many who are mothers. But for those of us who don’t have year round live-in nannies that put the children to bed in gold-plated cribs, we live in the world of ‘Mommyhood’. Anyone who is a permanent resident of this realm knows exactly what I’m talking about. To give those other readers in the blogosphere a taste of what Mommyhood is like here’s a few things that have inducted me into this realm:

Walking on a very uncomfortable boot only to pull it off and discover that there was a fruitloop in it.

Finding stains on my shirt, pants, pajamas, you name it, and having no idea where they came from.

Realizing there’s playdoh under my nice freshly done nails.

Reaching that point where not putting my hair in a ponytail is all of a sudden ‘fancy’.

Discovering that the ‘dirt’ I was forever trying to scrub off my kids’ head was actually freckles (a year and a half later).

Searching forever to find the baby nail clippers, only to pull them out of the bottom of my purse a week later.

Putting my hand in a coat pocket after a long while and pulling out an unused diaper two sizes smaller than what my kid currently wears.

Anyone else have some fun Mommyhood Moments? I’d love to hear about them. 😀 Hope this made all you mommies (and you non-mommies) laugh.