My New Joy

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The new family of four! So some, (who knows maybe many?) of you are wondering why the posts aren’t as often as they used to be? Well it’s because I have a new little daughter! That’s right, on Jan 27, 2013 7:09pm Kaia Renee came into this world. Albeit by emergency c-section which was scary, but I’m okay and Kaia … Read More

Mommyhood Moments

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There are many who are mothers. But for those of us who don’t have year round live-in nannies that put the children to bed in gold-plated cribs, we live in the world of ‘Mommyhood’. Anyone who is a permanent resident of this realm knows exactly what I’m talking about. To give those other readers in the blogosphere a taste of … Read More

Lovely Lovable Libraries

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Libraries are one of those wonderful places that I have amazing memories of, both from my childhood and as an adult. Summer reading programs and finding a new book you’ve never read before. Getting a new library card to put in your tiny purse at the age of ten. I hope we all have memories like that. There’s a lot … Read More