My New Joy

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The new family of four!

So some, (who knows maybe many?) of you are wondering why the posts aren’t as often as they used to be? Well it’s because I have a new little daughter! That’s right, on Jan 27, 2013 7:09pm Kaia Renee came into this world. Albeit by emergency c-section which was scary, but I’m okay and Kaia is wonderful. (It wasn’t REALLY bad as in rushing to the operating room everyone get out of the way, but as my OB put it, the operation was an urgent emergency situation, as opposed to an emergency emergency. — Her heart rate strip kept going flat during labour, as in not enough variance) She came into this world at 8lbs 3oz and the doctors are pretty sure they got my dates wrong as she was born at 36 weeks and 6 days. Ya think? She cried healthily through the rest of my operation and I was out of recovery pretty quickly.

I can’t be more thankful that we are both okay and healthy, but oy-vay. If at all possible do NOT have a baby via c-section. I’m still no feeling completely myself, over 3 weeks later. My incision still hurts on and off. And I’m sick of not being able to do the things I’d like to. To top things off I got mastitis 5 days ago….. so ummm yeah I definitely have an excuse to not be blogging as much. 😛 LOL. The point is though, despite the fact that I’ve missed a few posts I can’t be away from my computer for too long. I love writing too much, and this blog has really become an amazing outlet. A source of therapy I guess you could say. When my mind can no longer revise or edit in the fiction world, I can come here and hash out thoughts, type out ideas and really just write.

So in the coming weeks my posts may come as often as I’d like them to or they may be terribly erratic and barely show up at all. But this new little girl has stolen my heart so much that I’m sure it’s more than understandable. I’m now part of a family of four. Me, my husband Tim, my son Everett, and my daughter Kaia. To quote Bella from the Twilight novel Breaking Dawn: “There was no division–my love was not split between them… It was more like my heart had grown, swollen up to twice its size” I love each member of my family just as much and it’s simply that my capacity to love has grown. Kaia is a new and wonderful joy in my life. Here’s to new motherhood! 😀

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