When Your Writing Gets a Burst

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So the posts I’d planned on writing this week didn’t happen because I was getting ready for the Kamloops Writer’s Fair. Worth every single penny and definitely planning on making this an annual
thing for me!
There was an open mike night, blue pencil interviews and I went to two amazing workshops that were exactly what I needed for my writing right this moment. (Editing and ebook publishing)
Even though I’m totally drained I’m happy I went and I’m inspired and gunning for doing a lot more with my writing. If any of you, my readers, live in and around the interior BC area plan on making it to the writer’s fair next November! If not I’d encourage any of you other writers out there to find a local group to attend. Nothing beats rubbing shoulders with other writers when you’re in a slump. You talk and discuss writing and in conversations about your current WIP (that’s Work In Progress for all you non-writerly folks) and what you love to write, all of sudden you can’t wait to get back to your computer.

So get back to it! Write and enjoy the writing, find the passion that started you on the writing path to begin with. If you’re not a writer, explore and discover your own passion and then set aside time each week to enjoy your passion just for yourself. As for me? I’m going to go polish off a new scene in my Lasera novel and then set about typing more in Book 2 😀

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