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Although I admit that there are many other voracious readers out there whose houses are overflowing with books just like mine is, I’m sure every writer out there can relate to my current dilemma. Books are overtaking my house. I love it, but it is a bit of an organizational nightmare. In fact, the last time we moved when my brother-in-law was helping and carrying out his fifth box of books, he couldn’t believe it “How many books do you have?”. “Another one?” he said as I hand him a large bin marked books.
Now I am more than completely glad to have this many books in my house and always will, but I’m running out of room to store them :I 🙂 Which makes me both annoyed (in the organizational part of my brain) and ecstatically happy (in the creative part of my brain).
So here’s a little peek into the overflowingness of books in a writer’s house. 😀

My wonderful writing books smack dab in the centre of my desk,
 as I need to refer to them, a lot!
My overflowing bookshelf beside my desk
The bin of books which don’t fit on the shelf,
currently underneath my desk
Book I’m reading right now, on the edge of my desk
Another book I’m reading right now,
in the pocket of the rocking chair
Books in my bathroom that I’m chipping away at
More books in my bathroom that I’m trying to chip away at
My cupboard of cookbooks
(which overflows into the bookshelf by my desk)
My Narnia books on display with their fabulous bookends
The books currently on my bedside table
I’m also very proud of how much my children love books!
This is their little bookshelf
Plus the overflow of more of their books
And even more overflow into the drawer of the above bookshelf
Plus a couple of my random books on the same shelf
Yeah, I’ve got a ton of books, and I want even more. Ideally I’d love to eventually have my own library. But for now I’ll just let the wonderful pages upon pages overtake my house 😀

Recipe Recap:

Dinner From Last Week: Beef Barley Soup

Went really well (and this was actually made a number of weeks ago, but I’m just catching up now :D). I had to use actual tomatoes because I didn’t have any canned tomatoes. But it was quite tasty and warm and hit the spot on a cold day.

Dessert From Last Week: Cranberry Bars

So for these after I started mixing the dry ingredients, I realized that my cake mix package was only half the size of what this recipe called for. I had to half all the other stuff for the crumble. Plus all I had was chocolate cake mix, so it was quite different than the actually recipe and only had half the crumble it was supposed to, but they were so tasty! Loved them with the chocolate. And I might just have to make these again with the full crumble instead of halving it!

Dinner For This Week: Slow Cooker Venison Roast – This sounds good, but the reviews seem pretty divided. I’m going to follow a lot of reviewer recommendations and sub potato for the fresh onion and use garlic powder instead of garlic salt.

Dessert For This Week: Chocolate Shortbread Sandwiches – Even though it’s not Valentine’s Day, I gotta try these!

WAM Moment of the Week:
– my husband was playing a lego videogame with my son and had moved the remotes out of my daughter Kaia’s reach. All of a sudden he said he felt something on his back. He looked around and Kaia had climbed up on the couch to get to the remotes! :O So yes my daughter is quite the climber now, but I had to laugh at how surprised my husband was at her determination to get to those really fun remotes