Blasts From The Past

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We all know that blogs we like have great content but sometimes there are quite a few hidden gems in the archives. So starting now, today and then the first Saturday of every month I’m going to be posting
some ‘Blasts From the Past’ and link and post some older posts I’ve written. Enjoy!

So today’s all about honing our writing craft, being in awe of Hermoine again, and exploring the crazy workings of a writer’s mind. 😀

3 Way to Hone Your Writing Craft & How I Did It (for like 0$)
– I really liked writing this one and there are lots of other authors out there like me who have next to nothing in their budget to learn more about writing

Why Hermione is Amazing!
– I’m the biggest fan of all things Harry Potter, but Hermione is someone I adore all on her own. She’s fiesty, she’s smart and she loves books!

The Strange Workings and Writings of a Mind that Skips Too Far Ahead of Itself
 – Enjoy the weird inner babblings of an author’s mind

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